Bronze Crown

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People  |  Turkey size | cooking time Aprox
6-8         3.0kg              1 hour 30 mins
10-12        4.0kg             2 hours
12-14       5.0kg             2 hours 30 mins


Our traditional bronze turkeys are a proper, old fashioned breed which are matured slowly on grass to develop a succulent, fuller flavour. They are hand plucked and hung to create a great tasting bird which is full of tender, juicy meat?ensuring that only the very best will grace your table this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

John Wright Turkeys are a family business with over 50 years experience of farming turkeys using traditional methods. Our turkeys have the best possible living conditions and we still firmly believe that a happy turkey allowed to roam free in green pastures, growing at it?s natural pace, without drugs or additives provides a tastier, tender bird.

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