The "Wright" Size

It is always difficult to order the perfect sized turkey for the family since personal appetites vary so much.

As a general guide we recommend to allow 500g per person for a turkey and 400g for a crown.

Add a little extra if you enjoy leftovers and don?t forget turkey is one of the lowest fat meats, making it ideal for healthy meals over the festive period. You can also freeze cooked turkey for up to 3 months.?

The debate on whether to order a whole turkey or turkey crown is a difficult one.

We have found cooking a whole turkey helps to keep the breast meat moist as many of the natural juices are in the leg meat. Also breast meat has only one third of the iron and zinc content of the darker leg meat. However, despite the dark leg meat containing more healthy vitamins and minerals, it does contain a few more calories.? Perhaps just a small amount then?

No. Diners Turkey Crown
4-6 people 4.0 – 4.5kg3.0kg
6-8 people4.5 – 5.5kg3.5kg
8-10 people5.5 – 6.5kg4.0kg
10-12 people6.5 – 7.5kg4.5kg
12-14 people7.5 – 8.5kg 5.0kg
14-16 people8.5 – 9.5kg5.5kg
16-18 people9.5 – 10.5kg6.0kg

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